Mulmul’s newest outlet in Gurugram features luxury garments that symbolize an idyllic union of age-old ornate embroidery with modern- da, Avant Garde romantic details imbued in Indian silhouettes.

The Delhi based womenswear label is determined to continue carrying out its growth with several new retail outlets across the country and one closer to its home base. Set in Ambience mall, The new store in gurugram is another happy addition extending the brands modern yet strongly Indian aesthetics making sophisticated and easy to carry Indian wear a fashionista’s new favourite choice!



The minimalistic design and a neutral colour palette in decor are maintained in the outlet to keep all eyes on the core substance of the label, the clothing is made in 100% Supima Mul cotton in vibrant shades. The success of the brand continues through their signature styles adorning floral needlework and intricate cotton laces, their line is a dream come true for anybody looking for fashion that doesn’t forsake wearability and comfort.



The outlet to the satisfaction of its loyal clientele will house the brand’s signature Supima Mul collection, the new western wear edit and all that you would want to get a feel of right up to the newest ombre edit! Known for keeping their customers on the brink with new designs, the team confirms a regular update of the collection in the new store while also letting us in on the many unexpectedly refreshing aesthetics they have planned for their upcoming summer designs.

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