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The dot of significance – The real importance of the Indian bindi for your life and health

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While India is the mother of history and languages and the grandmother of traditions and practices, while we carry with us practices that have been passed down centuries, while a lot seems like clockwork, let’s not leave behind the essence that there is greater significance behind every simple practice.

Evoking old-world charm with contemporary accents is intrinsic to us. Mulmul as a brand has from day one combined taking forward the old world Indian charm to cater to the requirements of the modern woman and our bindi campaign is a way of taking forward Indian roots, to better and restore the significance they hold today in our day to day lives.

Bindis have for centuries been a part of the lives of Indians, both men and women in the form of tikkas, so much so that they’ve become an identity of sorts. While they have evolved from traditional materials such as vermilion, sandalwood and ash to the colourful stickers to suit the times, how aware are we of the true value and benefits it holds? 

Bindi also know why it’s good to do so :

  1. Goes beyond being a fashion statement or a sign of tradition: This particular practice of wearing a bindi has many health benefits owing to its placement between the eyebrows which is considered an important point of healing in ancient sciences.
  2. Finds significance in yogic meditation: The point where the bindi is placed is known as the yajna chakra, an important point of concentration for yogic meditation as it’s believed to be the centre of knowledge, awakening and awareness
  3. The acupressure point: When we wear a bindi, we place it, adjust it and press it down. These simple actions help us retrieve the benefits of acupressure every day, being a reliever of stress and headaches and an aid to maintaining eye health and vision as it relaxes the muscles and stimulates nerve endings.
  4. Look young and stay fresh: the massaging of the point every day helps relax facial muscles and keeps you looking young and fresh with time while helping you sleep better! The point is one of the marma points on the face and is an important meeting of veins, bones and joints. Massaging helps with lymphatic drainage.
  5. The point of significance: The pressing down of the point is believed to increase intuition and awareness according to ancient sources.

In an attempt to help you  flaunt your Indian-ness we as a part of our campaign are sending along packs of bindis with your orders and have also put together the science behind the Indian dot. Now when you wear a Mulmul.




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