Mulmul comes to Calcutta

Mulmul comes to Calcutta

 Easy breezy styles. Pretty and feminine. That’s Harsh and Saumya Modi’s MulmulThe Telegraph caught up with the husband-wife duo, married for almost 12 years, on the label from Chhatarpur (Delhi), travelling to Calcutta’s 85 Lansdowne.

Have you been to Calcutta before?

Saumya Modi: We have been stocking at 85 Lansdowne for a while, but the difference this time is we have come up with the concept of a dedicated Mulmul section there. The difference mainly will be that we’ll have the entire collection there. Otherwise, at multidesigner stores, you only have a limited collection available. Whatever a Delhi Mulmul store will have, 85 Lansdowne would also have the same range and it will also be there as soon as it is launched.

Tell us about the name. Such a comfort name.

Saumya: The name is important to all of us. Indianwear was becoming very restricted to formalwear. So, we wanted to introduce Indianwear in a way that people just love wearing it every day. And, if you are going to be wearing it every day, it has to be comfortable. We are from Delhi and it is really hot here. Fabric is very important and it is also our family’s forte. So, we got a special cotton fabric developed and it feels amazing. Among the Indian fabrics, the most comfortable is mulmul. So, this was the perfect name for our brand.

Harsh: The expertise in fabric weaving is down south. Our fabric is also woven there.

What is the design philosophy of the brand?

Saumya: Everything is designed and developed in-house. We sketch all the embroideries.

Harsh: Every embroidery or lace you see on the garments is unique. We do limited pieces in every style and colour.

Saumya: My sister-in-law Bhavini and I design and he (Harsh) is the business head. I did a four-year fashion designing course at NIFT. The brand is more than two years old.

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