The paradisiacal weaves of multi-colored embroidery - Shop Mulmul

The paradisiacal weaves of multi-colored embroidery

To invoke Indian nostalgia with modernistic elements, we present Mulmul's novel multi-coloured embroidery collection
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India before anything celebrates colors in every aspect possible, whether it is in our ever-rich spices or our rainbow-tainted fields where all worldly flowers bud into maturity. While our streets remain stained with colors, so do our hearts and arts. 

Thread Tales
Indian embroidery has held its head up high for eons, boasting of fame that crosses all boundaries and borders. This color was imbued in hand-stitched embroidery with the burgeoning emergence of techniques like Phulkari and Kantha.

The craft of Phulkari, essentially a folk Punjabi stitch is known for its floral and geometrical motifs, done in vibrant and vivacious threads. Via a powerful manipulation of the stitch, Phulkari can be molded into multifarious designs, making it an adaptive and dynamic technique. 

A similar stitch that lauds over rainbow-tinted colors is the craft of Kantha embroidery. With origins in the Indian subcontinent, imbued in it is the colorful yet colloquial village life. Significant motifs encompass the flora and fauna of nature, mythology, drafted in form of figurines which make this weave particularly intriguing to gawk at.
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Mulmul’s revival of multicolored embroidery

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Mulmul as a conscious revivalist fashion brand that has first brought the soft cotton weave of Mulmul to the forefront is at work again. Our novel collection is a potpourri of a color wheel of thread so luminously vibrant, as to brighten up your days in mere seconds. 

Mulmul Cotton Alpine Kurta with Alpine Sharara 

For the first time in Mulmul , we are introducing multicolored embroidery as a nostalgic nod to our robust indigenous stitches, imbuing it in luxe affordable garments. On a canvas of muted tonalities, Mulmul breathes in its supreme craftsmanship in floral and geometrical motifs. 


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While Mulmul is renowned for lending an effortlessly romantic touch to the garment with lace details, we also added paneling which further makes the fits playful. Moreover, the cotton pants to go with the kurta comes either in the coming-of-age silhouettes like flared and modernizing gathered Sharara. 


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Age-old embroidery, quirky tasseled detailing and a summery picture-perfect hues summarizes our upcoming collection. 

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Westeria Kurta with Westeria palazzo with Botanica Dupatta

Caprice Kurta with Caprice pant with botanica dupatta

Mulmul Cotton Alpine Kurta With Alpine Sharara


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