Reliving Memories of Summer With Mulmul

Reliving Memories of Summer With Mulmul

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The morning sun casts long shadows as it climbs higher on the cloudless sky. The air is heavy with the promise of heat, and lazy anticipation. Children, unburdened by the school, who were running around outside, have made their way into the cool confines of their homes, lazing under the rhythmic whirling of the ceiling fan, sipping on a glass of bright red RoohAfza. As the heat intensifies, other family members gather in the coolest room of the house, which is soon filled with the clatter of carrom pieces, and the shuffle of playing cards. Some find quiet corners to read, while others doze off, lulled by the soft drone of the fan.

The familiar sound of the ice cream vendor brings everyone back to a fervor of excitement, as all rush out to pick their favorite flavors. Soon the golden and fragrant mangoes make their appearance at the gathering – sliced and shared; fingers and chins sticky with its juices. 

It is this simplicity of the daily routine and the warmth of shared experiences of summer that is evoked in Mulmul’s Garmi Ke Din Collection. Each piece is infused with the nostalgia and the essence of home- the classic designs evoking the familiar feeling of comfort.


Nostalgia and Fashion

Fashion has a unique ability to evoke nostalgia. The texture, color, or even scent of clothes can stir powerful memories. For instance, soft cotton can take you back to the memory of wiping your sweat on your mother’s cotton saree’s pallu;  delicate organzas can remind you of dreamy curtains gently swaying in the light summer breeze; pastel hues bring back the memories of sunkissed afternoons bright summer skies and beautiful blooms.


Mulmul’s Summer Collection – Garmi Ke Din

Embark on a sentimental journey through the familiar, reminiscing the cherished rituals of summer through Mulmul’s summer collection. These summer-inspired outfits bring to life the vivid colors we so closely associated with summer.

The cotton Arpina Kurta in a serene blue, reminds one of the stunning summer skies. Executed in comfortable Supima Cotton, this piece is the epitome of a summer staple.

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The Aira pink Anarkali set, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a stunning sunset. The beautiful pink ombre reflects the blushing sky during a sunset – a treasured beautiful memory for most. The tiny white floral embroidery on the organza also reminds one of the delicate white blooms during summer.

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The Nyla Yellow set is the perfect summer hue. Executed in a delicate organza, the color reminds one of the golden fragrant mangoes that are a summer staple. How often have we lazed in the heat with a bowl of decadent juicy mangoes – their sticky juices running down our fingers?

The Idika White set is reminiscent of the delicate summer blooms. Looking at the dreamy organza piece transports you to a beautiful summer garden, and you can almost smell the fresh blooms!

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Personal Stories and Testimonials

Since this collection heavily relies on reminiscing summer memories, an ode to this nostalgic fashion will not be quite complete without delving into some personal fashion stories that inspired these pieces.

“I wanted to incorporate the bright color of the orange ice lollies you get in the summer times,’ states one of the designers on incorporating the vibrant orange hue in the collection.
“I remember my grandfather peeling mangoes for me as a kid, and looking at the yellows brings alive those memories, “ states a client. “The vivid floral prints remind me of my garden blooming through spring and summer.”


Create new summer memories

Don Mulmul’s new collection, and while reminiscing on the past, create some new fun memories this summer that you can associate with them! Because of their comfort, these pieces are fit for really any activity you wish to embark on – be it hosting/attending a family brunch, strolling through your favorite farmers’ market taking in the fresh produce, visiting flower exhibitions, intimate evening soirees, girls’ day-out, and so much more! Create lifelong memories with fashion that is just as timeless.

 Mulmul’s Garmi Ke Din collection is more than just fashion. It beautifully captures fashion’s ability to evoke nostalgia, thanks to the comfortable fabrics and intricate details. The collection resonates with the warmth of common experiences of summer days. Embrace the past, and look forward to creating new memories with fashion that transcends time. 

Don’t forget to share your favorite summer memories with us through our social media handles: we would love to know which cherished activity you associate our Mulmuls with!

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