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We have all grown up admiring our moms dressing up before the mirror. This has also shaped the way we saw and understood fashion Let’s not forget trying to imitate the way she drapes her saree pallu, the shade of lipstick she puts on special occasions, or the iconic bindi (because we know every mom has one)– we spent years trying to perfect these little details.
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Over the years our moms’ style may have evolved, but the intrinsic aesthetic has remained the same. As Mother’s Day approaches, gift your mother an ensemble that she will cherish for a lifetime. Depending on your mother’s style, here is a curated guide to Mulmul pieces that we assure you will be her favorites.  


The moms who like to keep it simple. They are attracted to monotones and simple designs – soothing and easy on the eyes. These moms have a unique way of making simplicity an art form, effortlessly capturing attention with their understated elegance. They understand the power of less is more, opting for quality over quantity and prioritizing pieces that bring them genuine joy and comfort. These pieces are versatile and she expertly manages to dress them up and down depending on the occasion. These moms are truly the styling experts!

This Mother’s Day add another favorite to her cherished collection.


The classic and the timeless – just like her beauty, her preferences are ageless. She is not one for the trends. These are the women whose fashion choices transcend fleeting trends, resonating with elegance and grace through the ages. They gravitate towards classic silhouettes, muted tones, and refined designs that stand the test of time. Their wardrobe is a carefully curated collection of pieces that exude quality and craftsmanship, each item chosen with intention and purpose.

Trust us, you are sure to find treasures in her wardrobe – a collection you would want to inherit!

And let’s not forget, that nothing is more timeless than pure silver jewellery.


These are special ones, who can combine sophistication with a dash of eccentricism. Their style is a vibrant tapestry of colors, patterns, and textures, creating an ensemble that's as fun as it is fashionable. These moms infuse their wardrobe with unexpected twists, pairing classic pieces with quirky accessories to create looks that are uniquely theirs. From bold prints to statement jewelry, they fearlessly experiment with trends, adding a touch of excitement to every outfit. But amidst the playfulness, there's an unmistakable elegance that shines through.

These moms truly embrace the joy of fashion.

   While we are on the topic of accessorizing, these moms are at the top of their game – from statement jewelry to interesting handbags – they have it all and will not hesitate to collect a few more!



With an unapologetic love for all things refined and chic, these moms aren't afraid to dazzle in shimmering fabrics, statement jewelry, and striking silhouettes. They embrace color with enthusiasm, opting for vibrant hues that reflect their vibrant personalities. They have an innate ability to mix and match pieces with finesse.

 From the moms who find solace in simplicity to those who confidently embrace glamour, every fashion choice tells a story of individuality, personality, and self-expression. As we celebrate Mother’s Day and honor the incredible women who shape our lives, let’s not only appreciate the love and care they provide but also applaud their impeccable sense of style. Whether it's the comforting embrace of classic pieces or the bold statement of glamorous ensembles, every mom deserves to shine in her light.

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